Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 2016

Another year is over...wow time goes fast.  As promised here's two of my favorite shots from our Christmas card photo shoot.  So thankful for all my mom's hard work.

December is always a crazy busy month with church Christmas programs, parties, birthdays, and Christmas! But it was fun and I'm thankful for the time I got to spend with family and friends. The month started off with the kid's choir program.  The musical this year was Candy Cane Lane, a super cute story.  Hannah really enjoyed the music and the picked a craft class this semester which she LOVED.  The preschool choir actually joined the big kids on 3 songs this year so Abigail got to participate too.  All the preschoolers wore Christmas jammies....so adorable!! (Photo credit goes to Jack Hess)

The adult choir and orchestra did a program as well.  Hannah's choir sang a few songs and Nathan and I played in the orchestra.  It was a really good program.  No pictures of us playing, but here's good one of Hannah singing. (Photo credit goes to Jack Hess)

Abigail and I got to help at Hananh's Christmas party at school again this year.  I'm so thankful that I have the opportunity to volunteer.

Hannah's best friend in kindergarten was Mikayla and she was so sad that she moved about an hour away over the summer.  The girls have kept in touch on Facebook and mailing pictures.  Mikayla's mom contacted me a few days before Christmas to say that she was renting some reindeer to come to her house for a little while on Christmas Eve.  She wanted to invite us to come and see them.  The girls were so excited to see Mikayla and the meet reindeer.  The reindeer were so sweet and gentle.  Such a fun experience!!

Both girls got a doll as their big Christmas gift this year.  Hannah has taken really good care of Emily that she got last year and plays with her all the time.  So we decided she was ready for a real American Girl doll.  We really debated about getting one of the current ones or searching for an old discontinued one. In the end my mom ended up buying an original Molly off e-bay.  We had to do some work on her hair, but overall she was in really good condition.  And i think it's cool she's been loved and played with before.   Abigail will often play with Hannah's doll Emily while Hannah is a school.  So my sister got her a cheaper Target doll.  The girls were SO excited and have not stopped playing with their dolls.  They've dragged them all over the house.  It's so much fun to watch them play!

We still have another week of vacation before Hannah goes back to school.  We're going to look at Christmas lights one night, and maybe have a play date.  Otherwise we plan to hang out at home and relax.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Hannah is SEVEN

How can this sweet girl be SEVEN!!!  Hannah has the sweetest, tender heart.  She is kind, caring, and helpful, as well as creative and funny!

We had so much fun with her birthday theme this year.  We saw a booth at my sister's Halloween carnival that had painted paper plates and wrapped paper towels in tissue paper and then covered them all with cellophane.  Super cute and not to hard or expensive to make.  The most challenging part was attaching them to the wall without wrecking the paint.  Love all the bright colors.  And Hannah said this was the best photo shoot ever because she actually got to taste the real candy sucker...LOL!

This is always a crazy time of year so we didn't get to do our celebration with cake until the weekend after Hannah's birthday.  My sister's friend made the cake again this year.  SO CUTE!!

Happy Birthday my sweet sweet girl!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November 2016

This month was busy!  As a bonus...it finally decided to cool off in Texas so we got to enjoy some outdoor activities without melting.  =)  No really good pictures from my mom this month either.  Next month there will be some.

A local church adopted Hannah's school and they put on a carnival at the beginning of the month.  I have zero pictures, but we had lots of fun.  The girls enjoyed hot dogs, lots of games, and both won a small stuffed animal.  We had a great time and are very thankful for all the church volunteers.

We've spent most of our weekends at the park or riding bikes at the school.  So thankful for the cooler weather.

Hannah had the whole week of Thanksgiving off school so take took off work too.  We usually spend our "stay-cations" hangout out at home and playing.  This year we packed in lots of family activities.  It was busy, but so much fun.  I love spending time together at home but it was nice to make lots of fun family memories.

We started off the week by going to the zoo.  Trying to get a few more visits in before our membership expires in the spring.  The weather was perfect and it wasn't crowded.  We rode the monorail, watched the young mandrill and chimp jumping and playing.  And we got to see the zoo's new baby elephant.  So cute!!

We did our annual Christmas card photo session with my mom and got several really cute photos.  And she got them edited quickly so I was able to take advantage of a sale on cards.  They are ordered and already on their way to my house.  Yeah me!!!  I will post my favs in next month's update.  We spent Thanksgiving day with my parents and sister.  The girls got to play at the school playground and take a walk to the college to feed turtles in addition to eating yummy food.  We had a nice relaxing day together.

Friday we had a friend's birthday party in the morning at a bounce house place.  There was hardly anyone else there, it was nice to have the place to ourselves.  Then we grabbed a quick lunch and headed to Six Flags for Holiday in the Park.  We hoped that most people would be shopping and were glad to find that must have been the case.  There were WAY less people there than normal.  We had lots of fun and even got to do the Frosty Snowhill which was cool. They cover a hill with real snow and give you sleds to slide down on.  It was really fun.  There was Christmas music playing all day long and tons of beautiful lights.  It was a great day.

While we were at Six Flags, my friend Jamie texted me that her neighbor had won 4 ticket vouchers to Disney on Ice.  Jamies's dad had already bought them tickets so she wanted to know if we wanted them.  I sent Nathan to the box office as soon as they opened on Saturday to exchange our tickets. There were 3 show times left that worked with our schedule and thankfully we were able to get our first choice.  The show was truly amazing!  They girls were enthralled and Nathan and I enjoyed too.  Such a fun opportunity!!  They encouraged kids to come dressed in costume so we pulled out our dress up box and went as Princess Elsa and Princess Tiana.