Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January 2018

Our year always starts off with a crazy bang as we scramble to get Christmas stuff put away and get ready for Abigail's birthday photo shoot.  We had so much fun with Hannah's candy theme last year that we decided to save our props and use them again.  Abigail was super excited....even about wearing the same outfit since props were made specifically to match.  And just like Hannah her favorite part was getting to eat a sucker.  =)

We didn't actually celebrate her birthday until a week later, but she was good to be patient.  Loving the adorable cupcakes my mom made.

Our big family gift this year was a membership to the Heard Museum.  We intentionally joined at the level that would give us joint admission to the Perot Museum downtown and the Science and History Museum in Ft Worth.  Nathan actually had MLK Day off as a holiday this year so we decided to make use of our gift.  It was cold and windy outside so we headed to the Perot Museum which is indoors.  My sister was off work that too so she joined us as well.  SO much fun stuff to see.  We took out time and only went through 2 1/2 floors.  It was a great family day!

Hannah had another piano festival.  She really enjoyed learning her piece The B-I-B-L-E.  She learned lots and earned another 1+ rating which is the highest.  Super proud of all her hard work.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

December 2017

December is over already and another year has gone by.  CRAZY!!

Hannah's big birthday/Christmas present this year was a loft bed with a desk underneath.  Both girls rooms lack in floor space so this is a really great option.  Eventually Abigail will get one too, but not for a few more years.  Hannah is LOVING sleeping up high, reading underneath like a fort, and having desk to write/work on. 

Our church church did their big choir and orchestra Christmas concert.  It was really long but SUPER awesome!  We played lots of really great songs.  I always enjoy playing with a large group.  Nathan and I played and both girls sang in a few songs with the kids choir.  Our church photographers captured these photos.  Photo credit: David Alvey and Jack Hess

Hannah also turned EIGHT this month.  I'm still not sure how this is possible.

Since we birthday was on a Tuesday we waiting to celebrate on the weekend.  We decided to just to cupcakes this year.  My mom found this cute idea on Pinterest and did a great job making them.  They were super yummy too!

We volunteered at our church annual Three Trees event again.  LOVE everything about this day!!   We give back to the community by providing Christmas for over 300 families.  But even more important we tell them about Jesus and how much he loves them. The pictures of the stage filled with presents blows me away every year! (Photo Credit David Alvey)

Friday, December 8, 2017

November 2017

Feels like I just posted, but another month has gone by.   Sometimes I wish time would just stand still....then other days it can't go fast enough.  Here's to trying to enjoy and find the good in each moment.

The kids choir at church had their program this month.  The kids did a fantastic job and put in lots of really hard work.  Nathan and I are loving being upstairs with the big kids this year.  Nathan has also enjoyed his "job" as tech crew.  He gets to run sound and power point words.  Just point him in the direction of technology and he is happy.  =)

Hannah wanted to audition for a solo again.  She really seems to enjoy performing of all kinds.  She did a great job.  Both girls picked dance as their elective class this semester.  They had fun!  There were over 100 kids singing....that's LOTS of kids hearing about Jesus!! All these photos were taking by our church photographer.  Photo credit: Jack Hess

Hannah had a piano festival one Saturday as well.  She did a great job and received the highest rating.  So proud of all her hard work.  She has learned so much in the last 2 years!

There's a different group of kindergarten teacher at school this year than there was 2 years ago.  Almost all of them were at the school but in a different grade level.  There was lots of movement within the school this year.  Anyway, with new teachers comes new activities.  They brought back the Thanksgiving Friendship Feast.  I was selfishly hoping they would invite parents and then they asked for volunteers to set up and serve.  I happily volunteered.  The kids were so cute in their Indian hats!

The girls had the whole Thanksgiving week off school.  The vacation was really nice and we tried to do a balance of free time playing at home and special fun activities.  LOTS of Lego playing, we made a fort (under the coffee table), colored, and played outside Thanksgiving day with my dad.  We also went to see the movie Coco.  It was really really good and actually made Nathan and Hannah cry.  Our other big family fun activity was Six Flags Holiday in the Park.  I think that's my favorite time to visit...first of all it's not melting hot, and I LOVE the pretty lights and Christmas music.