Monday, November 6, 2017

October 2017

We had two days off school for Columbus Day and parent/teacher conferences.  Love getting to hear about all the progress the girls are making and hearing their teachers brag on them.  So proud of all their hard work.  Auntie Kara was off one of those two days as well so the girls and I met her for lunch.  Then we went back to her apartment to play with her kitties.  Her beloved kitty passed away in Aug at age 13. =(  After visiting many shelters she decided to get two 5 month old kittens.  They are not siblings but they seem to be getting along.  They are SO cute and we enjoyed getting to play with them, even if only one cooperated for a picture.

Nathan and I decided to "graduate" ourselves upstairs for church choir this year now that we no longer have anyone in preschool.  We are having fun and so are the girls.  Abigail LOVES being upstairs with all the big kids.  The kids choir sang a song in big church one Sunday this month.  Our church has an awesome photographer that takes pictures so here's a few he captured. Photo credit: Jack Hess

The city of Plano put on a Family Safety Fair a few weekends ago.  Sadly it was the day before the cold front came through so it was 90 degrees.  But we had fun.  Hannah was especially excited to get to see some of the fire clowns.  They had just been out to their school to do an assembly about safety.  Abigail was to shy to get in the picture.

We decided to go with a super hero theme for our Halloween costumes this year.  My mom found super cute and reasonably priced costumes for the girls on-line so we did not have to make anything, which was nice. We did splurge on the ADORABLE bows, but they TOTALLY make the costume and we may wear them individually upon occasion if we have clothing to match.  My mom did a costume photo session one weekend and I am so pleased with what she captured and all her editing work.  So much fun!! 

This jail idea was all my sister.  I think this is my favorite series of photos we took.  They make me laugh every time.  LOVE the cute thought bubbles my mom added!!

We hit two fall festivals over the weekend and then trick-or-treated around the block in our neighborhood on Halloween night.  More than enough candy!  We also got to wear our costumes to church choir one night so yeah for getting extra use out of them.

Sadly the tummy bug made it though our house at the end of the month.  NOT FUN!!  It was short lived, but brutal.  It it Abigail first and she actually missed one of the fall festivals.  We thought we were safe after several days and then Hannah and I got it.  So far Nathan has escaped and we pray that continues.  Being immune-suppressed means getting sick is really not fun for him.

Friday, September 29, 2017

September 2017

The calendar may say that it's fall, but in Texas it still feels like summer...ugh!!  I'm not ready for the cold, but temperatures that aren't in the 90's would be nice.  We did have one weekend where it was in the mid 80's so we went to play at the park.

The girls spent the night with my parents one night Labor Day weekend.  They had so much fun swimming, watching Little Mermaid, and meeting Auntie Kara's new kitties.  Nathan and I enjoyed a date night.  We went to see the latest Planet of the Apes movie and then out for dessert.

Over the summer Hannah wanted to learn about cheetahs.  So we checked a book out from the library and she wrote a list of facts.  Then we worked together to create a power point presentation.  She was so excited to share it and thanks to Chrome Cast she got to use the big TV to present.

The girls really enjoy puzzles and I recently realized all the ones we had were too easy.  So I picked up a few 100 piece puzzles at a consignment sale.  They have already put 2 of them together.

My sister plays in a group called New Life Symphony and they do several concerts a year.  Most of them are a mix of classical and church music.  They recently did a children's concert with fun movie music.  Concerts are in the evening which conflict with bedtime, so we crashed their Saturday morning dress rehearsal.  The girls LOVED hearing all the music and even got to go up on stage during the last song.

Both girls continue to LOVE school.  They are having a great year.  I have stayed fairly busy subbing.  I've worked at least one day a week since the 2nd week of school.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

August 2017

Oh summer, where did you go!!!  We had so much fun this summer and the time just flew by.  I do love the routine and schedule of being in school though.  And since we live in Texas, it still FEELS like summer outside.  It could actually cool off just a little and I'd be happy.  =P

During July and August I had a the girls do a few learning activities so we could use our brains.  We practiced some handwriting, Hannah did some logic puzzles, and both girls did creative writing.  I wanted to make the writing fun so I found some cute prompts on Pinterest and then we listened to classical music while they wrote.  It took 3-4 "writing sessions" to finish their stories because we only wrote for about 15 mins at a time.  Both girls had so much fun though.  Then we decided to type the stories and illustrate them.  They turned so so cute!!  Love their creativity!

It is still crazy to think that both girls are in school this year.  My house is REALLY quiet while they are gone.  They are both having a blast and love their teachers.  I'm getting several things done around the house, but I really miss them while they are gone.  I plan to substitute teach part time at their school this year.  I've only worked one day so far, but it will pick up.  And I think between teaching and some church activities it will be a nice balance between being busy and having time at home alone.

Below are pictures of both girls with their teachers and some of the back to school photos we took with my mom.  We stuck with tradition and did our first day of school pictures a few days before the REAL first day of school. Way less crowded.  We also did an old fashioned photo shoot with Abigail similar to the one we did before Hannah started kindergarten.  Love all these cute photos!

Mrs McCary and Hannah

 Mrs Kirby and Abigail

We celebrated a successful first week of school by going out for a donut breakfast last Saturday.  There's a little donut shop right next to our neighborhood that we like to visit a few times a year.  We definitely limit the amount of sugar the girls eat so it was totally a treat. Making family memories is the best!