Monday, March 13, 2017

February 2017

I really have no excuse for posting so late except that I just forgot.  Life has been a little busy lately.  So here's quick run down of what we did in February.

I was able to help at Hannah's class Valentine Party again.  So much fun!!  She made bookmarks for her class this year and they turned out adorable!

Hannah had her first piano festival.  She played her Sonatina for a judge and received a score and critique sheet.  She did a fantastic job and wasn't at all nervous!!  I am so proud of all her hard work!

Abigail and I made cookies with Grammy one Friday.  She enjoyed helping dust them with powdered sugar. Yeah for photos taken with a real camera and not just a phone.  LOL!

We also took the girls to see a children's theater production of Mary Poppins.  They saw the movie a few years ago and loved it.  My mom and sister joined us and we have a fun girls outing!!  Here's our selfie from before the show started!  =)

Stay tuned for March update in a few weeks....hopefully on time this month.  =P

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January 2017

It seems like this January post sneaks up on me every year.  I get through Christmas and Abigail's birthday and my mom and I start working on the girls photo books. Then before I know it, it's February and I have taken no photos and written zero blog posts.  =(  So I'm writing a brief post of our month's activities and using pictures from my phone.  Next month will be better....or so I keep telling myself.  =P

We actually got a little bit of winter weather. All my weather apps showed 0% chance of precipitation but all the local weather men were saying we would get snow.  It was certainly cold enough for it.  About noon on January 6 we saw teeny tiny snow flurries driving home from Grammy's house.  I really thought that was all we were going to get.  However the flurries got bigger and it snowed for about 4 hours. It was still snowing when it was time to pick Hannah up from school.  We actually walked home in the snow.  Thankfully there was no ice and the roads were just fine the next morning.

Despite our one afternoon of snow, there were many days of nice weather in January.  We enjoyed being able to play outside and not freeze walking to and from school.  Abigail and I met our friend Alexa at the park one morning. Alexa's mom and I met our freshman year at Baylor and have been friends ever since.  So fun to watch our girls develop a friendship too!

I also got to go on a field trip with Hannah's class.  They went to the Outdoor Learning Center.  We walked on the trail through the woods looking for animal habitats.  Then we got to see the animals they keep in cages inside the center.  The kids were looking for different things in each habitat like a place to hide, a lamp to keep warm, plants, etc.  It was a fun trip and I'm so glad I got to join Hannah's class.

Abigail is FIVE!

So I totally intended to post this about 2 weeks ago.....and completely forgot.  OOPS!!!

My baby is five...can we please stop time!  I found this adorable outfit at a consignment store and knew it had to make an appearance in birthday pictures.  Love the bright colors and the adorable owl.  Both girls have worn similar colors in past photos so we were able to reuse the banner.

When we started our tradition of taking pictures with Monkey we decided that birthday number 5 would be his last appearance.  I'm a little sad that is has officially retired.  In fairness his fur is falling out and he's seen better days.  But he has been well loved.....and we aren't giving him away, just no more photo sessions.  =P

Since Abigail's outfit has an owl and looked on Pinterest and got some ideas to pass along to my sister's cake decorating friend.  Julie did a great job.  The cake and cupcakes were both adorable and Abigail loved them!