Wednesday, July 11, 2018

June 2018

Nathan and I decided that the girls were finally big enough to take a real vacation where we don't just go visit family.  We didn't want to go anywhere too far away or too expensive so we chose San Antonio (about 6 hours away).  It's HOT in Texas so we planned early June so we didn't completely melt.  We had a fabulous time and made so many great memories!!!

We left on a Monday morning and arrived that afternoon.  We made a potty stop at Bucee's and the girls wanted their picture taken with the beaver statue.  Once we checked into our hotel we headed downtown.  We walked along the Riverwalk and then went to the Alamo.

We spent ALL day at Sea World Tuesday.  I have always enjoyed the animal shows, but it was really fun to see the girls get so excited and listen to their squeals of joy!  We even got to see a baby sea lion that had been born early that morning.  SOOO cute!

 The girls have been saving their allowance money so they could buy a toy to remember our trip.  Abigail began talking about seeing orca whales weeks before we left.  Not surprised that's what she picked.

Wednesday we decided to take in easier and not spend all day outside.  We found a REALLY cool park to play at in the morning while it was still shady.  Then we had some lunch and watched a movie in our hotel.  My college roommate lives in San Antonio so we were excited to hook up with her and her kiddos that night.  They had tons going on that week and we were glad we were able to connect.  We met them at their neighborhood pool for swimming and pizza. 

 Hannah and Amelia are only a year apart so they became fast friends.  Abigail and Corrine had fun playing together in the shallow end despite their age difference.  Luke is 9 and he was happy playing with other boys in the pool instead of the girls.

Thursday we headed to the zoo.  I think this was the day the heat affected us the most.  Even though we were outside longer at Sea World the day was broken up by 30 minutes of sitting in the shade to watch shows.  The zoo was ALL walking.  However we had lots of fun and enjoyed seeing some different animals.  We bought tickets for the zoo experience which included a train ride and admission to the butterfly house.

The Japanese Tea Gardens were across the street from the zoo.  We went in for a few minutes but not long because we were really hot and tired from walking around the zoo all day.  They were amazing and I loved seeing all God's beauty!  But I think we would have enjoyed them more if we had visited on a different day.

The week after we got back was VBS at church.  Our theme this year was Amazed Beyond Belief (emoji's).  It was a super busy week but we had lots of fun.  And we learned that God can do anything!  The girls got to come help me decorate the room I was working in which they thought was super cool!  We also drove a friend back and forth.  Her mamma agreed to drive one more friend than she had seats in her car. The girls loved getting to play with Ellie while waiting for her mom to get back.

Abigail was so excited that she FINALLY gets to start piano lessons!  She is doing really well so far and already knows 4 different notes. So far she's pretty cooperative during practice too which is nice.  I'm sure we'll have plenty of arguments before long though.  HA!

I decided to take the girls to the Heard Museum one morning before it got too hot.  It's only about 15 minutes away.  We had a great time looking at the rescue animals and walking on one of the trails. 

Monday, June 4, 2018

May 2018

The month of May is always CRAZY busy and this year was no different.  I can't believe another school year is almost over.  It seems like just yesterday we were getting ready to start school.  I am however excited about summer and getting to spend more time with my girls!

The month started off with a bang with 3 events in the same week.  The kindergarten classes at school did a performance for all the parents entitled "Going On a Bear Hunt."  It was so cute and they all did a great job.  Our music teacher is awesome and I know she worked really hard on getting the kids ready for this.  I didn't get any great pictures, but I promise Abigail is up there in the middle.  😁

The next day we got to hear Hannah play at her piano recital.  She did awesome as did the rest of the kids.  Hannah truly loves to perform and doesn't seem to get nervous before playing like I always did.  Abigail is counting the days until she gets to start lessons....mid very soon!

Then that Sunday the kids choir at church did their spring musical.  This year it was called Let's Rock and taught the kids about how we all have to work together as the body of Christ.  No one job or talent is the most important.  Hannah sang another solo and Abigail's class this semester was black light puppets.  They performed a song too.  Abigail is the orange puppet in the front between the skeleton and green one.  Hannah picked a drawing class this time and loved it.

Every grade at our school gets to go on two field trips each year.  One is to the Outdoor Learning Center which ties into the science curriculum.  They have nature trails and lots of indoor rescue animals.  It's a neat place.  Both of Hannah's field trips ended up being in May this year and I was able to go on both...yeah!  I am a little sad that Hannah only wanted to sit with me on the bus on the way back to school on both trip and with a friend on the way there.  Guess that means she's growing up...sniff!!  Their other field trip was to the Sci Tech Discovery Center.  They had lots of cool hands on exhibits. We were there about a little over an hour and then we headed to a nearby park for a picnic and some playtime.  It was a state testing day for older kids at school so it was really nice to be gone almost all day. It was a really fun day!! Here's few pictures from both trips.

I volunteered at Field Day by myself this year.  Abigail was super excited to be an official participant this year and not just my assistant. 😁  Everyone had lots of fun despite the heat and humidity.  Let's just say I had to come home and take another shower when I was finished.....yuck!!

We finished out the year with the end of year party.  Kindergarten had a summer theme with a popsicle craft and then they got to eat real popsicles for their treat too.  2nd grade went super easy and had ice cream sundaes and then played on the playground. 

Even though both girls LOVE school they are ready for more play time and a relaxed schedule.  We have several things planned so we'll stay busy this summer.  I did my substitute renewal training last week so I'm all set to work again next year.  I really enjoyed being back in the classroom but with the flexibility to do volunteer things as a parent too. 

April 2018

I have cousins that live in Arlington (about an hour away) and you would think we'd get together more often.  Sadly we are all busy and it doesn't happen often.  But my aunt and uncle were visiting them so we all got together at my parents house. It was great to see everyone, but my favorite part was the music concert!!  Hannah and my mom played some piano songs, and my sister and cousin Thomas played some cello duets.

My sweet aunt is a former preschool teacher so she always knows where to find fun things for kids. She was sweet enough to bring a box of goodies for my girls filled with notebooks, crayons, and even some Benadaroos or Wikisticks (flexible string wrapped in wax).  The girls love making creations!

Since both girl's birthdays are near Christmas we only ever celebrate with family, everyone else is too busy with holiday plans.  Every other year we try to have a belated party at the park in the spring.  It never fails that the weekend we plan it we get cooler or rainy weather, even it's been 80 the day before.  Such is life in Texas in the spring.  It was sunny and cool but it was CRAZY windy which isn't my favorite day to spend at the park.  The kids however had lots of fun.  I had great intentions of taking pictures and then completely forgot until all by one friend had left.  I was able to score one extra photo from another mom though.  😀  All in all it was a fun day!

Hannah competed in the Jazz festival again this year.  She worked really hard and played very well.  All that hard work payed off because she won 1st place in her division.  I was even able to snag a picture of her with her judge (and her trophy) afterwards.  Way to go Hannah!!

Both girls love singing in choir at church. One of my VERY favorite things they do each year is go visit local senior homes and sing for them.  Their director also challenges the kids to go talk with at least 2 residents afterward and thank them for coming.  I could not love this more!!!