Monday, May 1, 2017

April 2017

Thankfully we've had lots of nice weather this month.  I always get worried when it warms up early that it will be hot too quickly.  We've had a few cool fronts come through to keep temperatures down.  I actually really love warm spring weather when it's nice enough to enjoy spending time outside without wearing a jacket....and before the awful Texas heat sets in.

My mom and I took Abigail to Duck Creek one Friday while Hannah was in school.  This is a super pretty park/creek in a neighborhood not too far from my parent's house.  There is usually lots of wildlife although we only saw turtles and a few ducks this time.  Abigail enjoyed feeding them though.  =)

Hannah's class went on a field trip to the Dallas Zoo at the beginning of the month.  I had to teach my preschool music class that day and was sad I couldn't go.  But Nathan was able to take off work.  They had a great time and the weather was beautiful!

Hannah had Good Friday and Easter Monday off this year.  We thoroughly enjoyed our four day weekend.  Nathan and my dad had to work, but my sister was off.  Friday we took the girls to play miniature golf. It was so much fun and also quite entertaining.  We tried to help the girls with correct putting form, but they preferred to putt between their legs.  LOL!  We had a great time though.

My mom also got supplies to make resurrection gardens.  Before we made them we read the Easter story from the Jesus Storybook Bible.

That was the extent of our Easter celebrating other that going to church on Sunday. We didn't do any egg hunt or Easter baskets.  We did take pictures of the girls in their dresses.  My mom actually bought these for them last year and they still fit.  Yeah for saving some money!  And I love that they still enjoy wearing matching clothes.  I plan to take advantage as long as they will let me.  LOVE the sweet french braids too...that's Grammy.  I wish I knew how to do them, but I never learned.

Hannah lost tooth number 5 on Easter morning right before we left for church.  It had been loose for several months and was just barely hanging on for almost a week before it finally fell out.

Hannah had her second piano festival last week and this one was also a competition.  Hannah played really really well and she was so excited to win 1st place.  The look on her face when they called her name was priceless!

Our zoo membership expired this month and we decided not to renew it again.  We've kept it for 3 years and now that both girls will be in school we don't have as many opportunities to use it.  And we bought Six Flags memberships last fall.  Those are good until the end of December and then next year we'll pick a new place to join.  There are so many choices in the DFW area!!  We wanted to make one last trip to the zoo before our membership expired so we went on Saturday.  It was hot and humid, but the rain held off and we had a great time.  The brand new hippo exhibit opened the day before.  It is really nice, but sadly the hippos were hiding and we only saw their noses peek up for air.

Friday, March 31, 2017

March 2017

Plano had their spring break at the very beginning of March.  We started off our week with a quick visit to Arkansas to see Nathan's family.  His sister recently received a kidney transplant and we were excited to see her.  She is doing really well!  No pictures with Angela or Paw Paw.  Their apartment is very dark and it was cold and raining outside.  Hopefully when we go in the summer we can take some.  But we did have a great time visiting and playing!
These cuties are such good travelers!

Nathan took the whole week off work so we got to spend lots of time together as a family.  We rode bikes, played at the park, went to the zoo, and watched Finding Nemo.  We also spent time playing with toys and reading books.  It was a nice relaxing week. We were so glad we had good weather so we could spend time outside.  Here's few pictures of the fun!

The girls also got invited to a birthday party.  The Creature Teacher came for a visit and brought lots of fun animals.  Everyone was able to pet each animal.  We saw a: pig, sugar glider, chinchilla, tortoise, tarantula, chameleon, and ferret.  But the coolest animal was the kangaroo.  Yes it's wearing a diaper and yes it really did get to hop all over the living room.  It was so cute and really sweet.  It was also surprisingly soft.  The kids also got to feed it almonds.  It was really awesome!

We took a walk with Grammy up to the college.  We were hoping to find baby geese or ducks but no such luck.  It was probably a little too early.  We did take the opportunity to do a mini photo session though.  Hannah has gotten so good at taking pictures.  Abigail tries so hard and is really cooperative, but she still struggles with looking at the camera and not doing a "cheesy" smile. =P  These turned out so cute!

LOVE the personality in this photo!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

February 2017

I really have no excuse for posting so late except that I just forgot.  Life has been a little busy lately.  So here's quick run down of what we did in February.

I was able to help at Hannah's class Valentine Party again.  So much fun!!  She made bookmarks for her class this year and they turned out adorable!

Hannah had her first piano festival.  She played her Sonatina for a judge and received a score and critique sheet.  She did a fantastic job and wasn't at all nervous!!  I am so proud of all her hard work!

Abigail and I made cookies with Grammy one Friday.  She enjoyed helping dust them with powdered sugar. Yeah for photos taken with a real camera and not just a phone.  LOL!

We also took the girls to see a children's theater production of Mary Poppins.  They saw the movie a few years ago and loved it.  My mom and sister joined us and we have a fun girls outing!!  Here's our selfie from before the show started!  =)

Stay tuned for March update in a few weeks....hopefully on time this month.  =P