Wednesday, July 5, 2017

June 2017

You would think now that school is out, we would have more free time.  WRONG!!  This month has been super fun, but crazy crazy busy.  So thankful that our church offers lots of amazing programs and that my schedule allows me to help and volunteer.

A few days after school got out we did VBS (Vacation Bible School) at church.  Our theme was "Short Circuit, Rewired for Life"...think lots of robots and gears.  The girls had a fantastic time learning about how God made us special and wants to be our friend.  I worked in the preschool music and story room again, think this is year 4 in that room.  It's the best room ever, and working alongside two good friends makes it even better.

We had a few days off between activities and headed up to AR to visit Nathan's family.  We had a great visit and Daddy even pulled out some old games and puzzles from the garage for the girls.

 Daddy joined the puppet show at the church he grew up at.

 We also had some NOT FUN things happen this month. Our air conditioner broke and was unable to be repaired. =(  So we spent two very HOT weeks with no AC while getting 3 companies out to give us quotes for a brand new system.  Thankfully everything is fixed now and our house no longer feels like a sauna. 

Week three was music camp for elementary age kids.  This week is always super busy and chaotic, but it is so much fun!  We had 170 kids that learned an entire musical in one week.  Most of the songs were scripture so lots of God's word was hidden in our hearts.  Since I was working, Abigail got to participate as well even though she was technically too young. She learned all her words and motions so she got to perform in the program on stage too. Hannah decided to audition for a solo and she was part of a quartet on one of the songs.  Super proud of her! She also took a craft class and a dance class. It was an amazing week and I'm so glad I got to participate. Our church photographer Jack Hess took these great photos.
 LOTS and LOTS of kids worshiping God!

Hannah singing with her quartet...other singers not pictures. 

Crafts from class 

Tambourine dance

Last but not least, this week is Preschool Music camp.  Much less intense than last week!  This year Hannah is too old to participate so she has been my assistant.  The older kids (4 and 5 year olds) rotate through my room and two others and by the end of the week they have learned 6 songs.  Then they sing them for their parents on the last day.  This is my 4th year to do this camp and I think it's my last.  It's has been lots of fun though!

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