Wednesday, August 9, 2017

July 2017

All of our summer church activities are over so now we have more time to relax.  We had a wonderful time celebrating the 4th of July.  We stated off by heading to the Plano Lions Parade.  It's really small and kind of cheesy, but my girls love it.  And we can arrive 10 mins before it starts and leave without fighting it's a WIN!

Then we headed to my mom's house to hang out, play, and swim.  My mom bought these super cute wings at Dollar Tree.  The girls love anything dress up related so they were excited.  The cute outfits were from my sister. We had lots of great family time together and ate yummy food.  And we got some adorable pictures too!

Then we headed home to change into jammies and watch a family movie, Madagascar 2.  The city fireworks didn't start until 9:30 so it was the perfect activity while we waited.  There is a church at the edge of our neighborhood that is kind of up on a hill.  You can see almost all the the fireworks from their parking lot.  So we sat it the back of Nathan's truck and enjoyed, but didn't have to fight any crowds when the show was over.  Perfect!

We also did swim lessons this month.  Both girls took a class through the city of Plano and then Hannah did a few extra lesson with a former piano student of Grammy's.  I am super impressed by the progress both girls made this summer.  Although it still makes me a little nervous I feel like Hannah swims well enough to not use or puddle jumper anymore at least in the shallow end.  Hopefully the two videos I included will work.  =)

We were also able to have a few friends over to play.  Hannah's best friend from Kindergarten moved to Euless last summer but the girls have stayed in touch by writing letters...and we've actually seen each other in person a few times too.  We also had Hannah's precious Kindergarten teacher and her two kiddos over to play as well.  We LOVE Mrs Beckham and were heartbroken when she got moved to another PISD school  Thankful we've been able to stay in touch via Facebook.

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