Friday, March 31, 2017

March 2017

Plano had their spring break at the very beginning of March.  We started off our week with a quick visit to Arkansas to see Nathan's family.  His sister recently received a kidney transplant and we were excited to see her.  She is doing really well!  No pictures with Angela or Paw Paw.  Their apartment is very dark and it was cold and raining outside.  Hopefully when we go in the summer we can take some.  But we did have a great time visiting and playing!
These cuties are such good travelers!

Nathan took the whole week off work so we got to spend lots of time together as a family.  We rode bikes, played at the park, went to the zoo, and watched Finding Nemo.  We also spent time playing with toys and reading books.  It was a nice relaxing week. We were so glad we had good weather so we could spend time outside.  Here's few pictures of the fun!

The girls also got invited to a birthday party.  The Creature Teacher came for a visit and brought lots of fun animals.  Everyone was able to pet each animal.  We saw a: pig, sugar glider, chinchilla, tortoise, tarantula, chameleon, and ferret.  But the coolest animal was the kangaroo.  Yes it's wearing a diaper and yes it really did get to hop all over the living room.  It was so cute and really sweet.  It was also surprisingly soft.  The kids also got to feed it almonds.  It was really awesome!

We took a walk with Grammy up to the college.  We were hoping to find baby geese or ducks but no such luck.  It was probably a little too early.  We did take the opportunity to do a mini photo session though.  Hannah has gotten so good at taking pictures.  Abigail tries so hard and is really cooperative, but she still struggles with looking at the camera and not doing a "cheesy" smile. =P  These turned out so cute!

LOVE the personality in this photo!!

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